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Chimneys are placed above the roof and are considered the most susceptible part of the exterior of your home. The chimney is prone to all outside elements including heavy rain, hail, freeze, and snow. Regular chimney maintenance is imperative or else the materials will start to deteriorate and might result in damage or total chimney replacement.

A meticulously repaired chimney provides every household with a safer and enjoyable environment for the family and community. We at Wichita Chimney Company are ready to serve all your emergency chimney repair needs. For 16 years, we are considered pioneers of all our clients throughout Wichita, Kansas, and neighboring cities.

Fully Insured and Licensed Chimney Repair Specialists

Our clients expect a home to a T all the time. We strive to highlight those areas that could make the home safe at all times. Our professionals aim to provide the best chimney repair services to our clients by having a deep understanding of their needs and delivering the service professionally, promptly, and economically.

We know how that too much carbon monoxide emitted from the chimney might be dangerous both to humans and animals living in your home. Wichita Chimney Company focuses on sustaining the longevity of the previously installed chimney by repairing it in the best possible way. Thus, we keep the overall home environment clean and safe to make it much easier for you to breathe properly.

We make our chimney repairs with utmost caution in mind to make sure that your home as well as the rest of your interior belongings won’t be affected by the heat of the fire or fire itself. Wichita Chimney Company is a fully insured and licensed chimney repair company providing reliable results. We stand firm on every chimney project we do, and we care about making it safe every step of the way.

From simple to complex chimney design, we are highly trained to cater to various needs that arise in different kinds of situations. Our workmanship proves our professionalism regardless of any sized job. No matter how big or small and the shape of the chimney is, we provide unbeatable repair solutions without creating any damage on its part.

With us, you can rest your worry knowing that your chimney and home are safe with long-term durability.

We Provide Specialized Chimney Repairs

Workmanship,100% satisfaction guaranteed, and reliability are the core of our chimney repair services. If you suspect that your chimney is not working properly or the gas or oil is burning less or more; it produces fumes because of the presence of carbon monoxide. Our team at Wichita Chimney Cleaning will properly handle and fix it without any flaws and restore it like it’s a newly installed one.

A chimney repair work requires detailed effort as it is a complex task. A little negligence on the entire process can result in severe and expensive repair damage. That’s why you need to trust only the professionals of Wichita Chimney Cleaning for this kind of job.

We invest in innovations and only use the best and top-of-the-line tools and techniques to repair any chimney problems. Our solid years of experience in the chimney repairing business ranked us as the best chimney service firm in Wichita, Kansas.

Our Detailed and Complete Chimney Repair Services

Wichita Chimney Cleaning proudly provide the following services and strive to find ways to serve you better:

Chimney Pointing

If you see missing joints between the bricks, having become softer than usual, or are starting to deteriorate, your chimney requires repointing. Make sure to contact our technicians at the first signs of an issue, so we can avoid costly repairs in the future. Additionally, the chimney pointing may only be needed on the affected parts, and may still depend on the overall condition of your chimney.

Our professionals recommend waterproofing your chimney right after it has been repointed to avoid all sorts of issues in the long run.

Chimney Waterproofing 

Waterproofing is one of the most recommended protections that you can do for a recently repaired or rebuilt chimney. Moreover, waterproofing is always a critical phase of a chimney repair. If your chimney is made from bricks, these bricks will then likely act similar to sponges.

When it reaches the water, the moisture will slowly penetrate affecting the integrity of the brick composition. Therefore, if you waterproof your chimney, it will help in preventing future damages. Nowadays, the market provides a wide selection of products available for waterproofing; your chimney needs a particular product specially made for that application. 

We at Wichita Chimney Company will not only choose the right product intended for your chimney. Our trained technicians will also apply the waterproofing product to give you peace of mind that your chimney lasts longer.

Chimney Smoke Chamber Repair

You can locate the chimney smoke chamber on the top of the hearth of your firebox. As time goes by, it may start to deteriorate without knowing it. Before, the removal of the adjoining damper frame and brickwork was essential.

However, Wichita Chimney Company invests in excellent products and equipment that help us to repair smoke chambers faster and easier.

Firebox or Fireplace Replacement

From a simple lintel seal to a complex and overall masonry revamp, our fireplace repair depends upon the issues of the chimney. Wichita Chimney Company provides a full-service of chimney repair that you can choose from; from rebuilding, pointing, skim coating an existing fireplace-we got you covered. Our friendly representative will gladly walk you over all of your options and provide you with a detailed and precise estimate for each.

Hiring Professional Chimney Technicians Matters

Today, the internet is the #1 go-to resource for many tutorial videos from easy arts and crafts up to complex ones. Many people prefer DIY home projects of every kind and want to try almost everything themselves because they think they can save more dollars. However, not all DIY projects are worth trying, especially when it comes to major home repairs.

It is wise to call for an expert who has a deep understanding of how to complete the job professionally. In terms of chimney repair, it is not a good idea for some people who will attempt to perform the repairs themselves. It is because they have no prior knowledge, and experience in the trade and attempt to figure things out along the process.

While the idea is not entirely wrong, the possibility of causing some major problems may occur in the event of chimney repairs undertaken. Still, some specific safety protocols need to be strongly adhered to during a chimney repair procedure. 

These are the main reason why it is essential to leave chimney repairs to the hand of professionals:


Your chimney must be properly working to ensure your family and property is always in safe and sound condition. If you suspect that the chimney has issues, you don’t want to entirely depend on your DIY skills to fix it again. Additionally, you need to consider the high possibility of a chimney fire.

It is always better to be safe at all times than sorry later on when repairing your chimney.


Unless you are not a professional chimney repair technician, you should leave this kind of job to the hands of the experts. Unless you are personally familiar with the building codes that are related to masonry projects, this is something that you should not try and do all by yourself. While you may research a handful of nifty things over the internet, the safety of your chimney and your home comes first.

No one stands a chance when it comes to keeping their loved ones and property safe always. Moreover, a few hours of watching online videos can’t replace the extensive years of experience brought by having these repairs done by our chimney repair specialists.

Right Set of Tools and Equipment

Oftentimes, these repairs demand you to have specific equipment and tools to perform such repairs. Since this equipment might cost a fortune, and will likely be used for quite some repairs, it is wiser to hire a professional for services. That way, you don’t have to fork out money to buy equipment for repairs that will only get done infrequently.

Professional Chimney Repair Company

Our team of experts at Wichita Chimney Company is brimming with in-depth knowledge and years of experience in all-inclusive chimney services. We have handled countless projects over the past 16 years and will continue to do all facets of chimney repair work and services with ease. Our team of experts deeply understands the complexities and uniqueness of every chimney installed in a residential home or commercial space.

Being a pioneer in the business, we value integrity, honesty, and a high standard in every chimney work we deliver. Our team is committed to providing world-class results for every chimney repair service, making us always the top choice in Wichita, Kansas.

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