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Chimney lining serves as the best protection to cover the chimney walls against quick deterioration, severe weather conditions. It also helps in directing all combustible products and dangerous smokes to exit your home safely. Chimney lining will extend its lifespan and provide your family and home a comfortable and safe home if regularly maintained.

At Wichita Chimney Company we specialize in providing chimney relining installation and repair such as cast-in-place liners, metal (stainless steel or aluminum), and clay tiles. Having been in the business for 16 years, we have been the highly recommended team in providing chimney liners for residential homes, apartment buildings, brownstones, and commercial buildings. We take pride in serving clients across Wichita Kansas and beyond.

Having A Chimney Relined Is Essential

One of the most critical parts of your chimney is its lining; an insulated barrier between the walls and flue of the chimney. It is imperative to have a fully functioning chimney liner to make the firebox function well while being safe. Nowadays, most fire-related codes mandate that all chimneys must be properly lined. 

Moreover, it is also essential to know the condition of the liner, over time it may begin to decay and begin to affect its overall integrity and performance. Having this said, you are putting your home and your family at great risk.

We listed below some of the valuable benefits of having a chimney relining:

Resolves Draft Problems

We at Wichita Chimney Company often received calls from several homeowners experiencing bad drafting problems especially when they tried to get rid of the woodstove. However, upon recommending a chimney liner installation, their problem with the draft disappears.

Large flue for the appliance slows down the draft because it allows the flue gases to cool down as they keep on straying in the large area. Droplets of creosote may pile up, condensed out of the smoke, and might stick to walls of the flue. If the draft can’t exit faster, then the appliance won’t burn properly.

Meanwhile, if an insulated liner was placed in this chimney and fitted well for the appliance. The flue will warm up faster; even more, the draft will establish sooner and be strong enough. At this rate, the homeowner must know how to damp it down moderately.

Burn Less Fuel

A newly relined chimney helps in burning less wood because of its freshly insulated liner. A wood stove that is paired with a big flue will have a stagnant or slow-moving draft. It requires more wood to finally heat the stove and establish the draft. 

A properly sized insulated liner needs to be installed on right-sizes so that it will only require less wood. This principle goes the same for oil-fired or gas appliances. However, a problem will most likely arise if a gas appliance is being vented into a very large flue. 

For every cubic foot of gas burned, chimney smoke may carry about two cubic feet of water vapor. Normally, if everything is properly sized this water vapor exits your home through the flue in the form of steam. Having large flues makes the cooling go down faster.

This can lead to moisture that shows in a form of wet plaster or drywall, peeling wallpaper, white staining, and even mold buildup. Another valuable benefit of an insulated liner designed for gas and oil is that when the cycle is off for appliances, the insulated liner remains warmer for a longer period. It can have shorter warming up time; thus, a warmer flue means enhanced efficiency.

Safety Purposes

Above anything else, the safety of your family living in your home is the main concern here. If your chimney is not properly sized it can lead to major venting problems. Additionally, if the chimney is not lined properly it could be deemed risky to burn. 

Standards and codes were also developed to address some issues about the existing structures to avoid future problems as well as to new build construction. Having your chimney relined and upgraded will promote a safer environment for you and your family.

Increased Value

In the long run, bringing your chimney up to code is another promising investment. A chimney liner serves as a barrier between the flue smoke as well as the overall chimney structure. This way, it could help to protect the chimney against the walls from severe water or heat damage. 

Today, most building codes need chimneys to be brought up to code if the home is up for sale. Listing a home with a lined chimney leverages the value of the home.

Investment in a chimney liner may pay off eventually by enhancing energy efficiency and increasing the overall value of your home. In most cases, you will be able to save a significant amount of money for future repairs. 

Improved Appliance Performance

Resolving your issues with the draft will significantly enhance the efficacy of your fuel or gas by adding more complete combustion. Thus, having a lined chimney will have numerous benefits on the lifespan and overall functional performance of your appliances.

Lessen Creosote Build Up

Too much creosote accumulation in chimneys is one of the primary reasons for numerous house fires each year. Smoke in a chimney that cools down below 250 degrees might trigger the combustion smoke to mix, condense, and solidify forming tar-like substance creosote. The insulated chimney liners can make the combustion gasses even hotter as it goes up and out your chimney. 

Furthermore, it allows less condensation and means less build-up of dangerous creosote. 

Hiring The Right Chimney Company Matters

It may sound so easy to DIY approach everything, but not when it comes to chimney lining works! It requires great knowledge, skills, and extensive years of experience to accomplish chimney works done seamlessly. So, it is still best and safe to leave this kind of job in the hands of the pros!

However, the double-edge sword is that the internet provides tons of “qualified and best chimney company” results. As a homeowner, of course, you want to land on the legit company that will exactly provide all your unique chimney needs as well as you’ll get the best value for your money. It’s best to scrutinize every chimney company, to give you peace of mind that you are hiring the best professionals. 

After all, if the chimney work is not executed well, your chimney becomes a fire hazard.

Here’s what to check in your bucket list if you are gearing to hire the best chimney company in Wichita, Kansas:

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Chimney Company

Chimney safety is a serious matter that everyone must know. Anyone can start up a chimney company legally without the need to have the right set of tools or essential training that is needed to do a proper chimney cleaning job. The good news is that different certifications and licenses from nationally recognized associations can offer proof of evidence that a company’s and an individual’s professionals are qualified to do the work with excellence.

We at Wichita Chimney Company take pride in being a fully insured, licensed, and bonded chimney company serving our clients in Wichita, Kansas for 16 years!

Ask For Relevant References Chimney Referrals

You may check online or search their website and look for honest customer reviews before considering hiring. It would also give you a clear picture of how they work on a certain project, and more. You may check our website to read some of our customer’s feedback across Wichita, Kansas, Kechi, Kansas, Andover, Kansas, Derby, Kansas, Rose Hill, Kansas, Valley Center, Kansas, and Haysville, Kansas.

See for yourself whether our patron customers have been satisfied with our chimney work. 

Beware: If a company can’t or doesn’t want to provide you with any reference/s about their previous work, do not hire them.

Competitive and Reasonable Price

Sometimes, it can be tempting to go with chimney services that are providing very low prices. However, it’s imperative to weigh all the consequences if the company can meet all the professional chimney industry standards. If a chimney is not properly inspected, cleaned, and repaired, it can trigger fire anytime without knowing.

You could as well expose all the occupants in your household to hazardous toxins, like deadly carbon monoxide.

Our team at Wichita Chimney Company commits to providing professional chimney services at a very competitive and upfront price. We provide detailed and elaborate everything if you wish to request a free estimate.

Always Work On Your Time Table

True professional chimney companies are committed to working within a given set time frame and inform if they will be running a bit late on their timetable. Our team at Wichita Chimney Company knows how much your time is. That’s why we work professionally to ensure we finish the job right.

Don’t trust your home to a company that cannot commit a definite schedule for arriving at your home and performing chimney services.

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