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As a homeowner, it might be hard to spot issues within the structure of a chimney by merely looking at it. Including a regular chimney inspection on your list will help you to identify early signs of damage and have the repair needed before they progress into a costly chimney repair. One of the best ways to ease all your worries is to have annual chimney inspections through qualified chimney professionals near you.

On top of it, a professional chimney inspection can help you save money in the long run and ensure that your chimney is working correctly. Thankfully, at Wichita Chimney Company, you have a team that you can depend on for specialized chimney inspection. We proudly serve Wichita, Kansas, Kechi, Kansas, Derby, Kansas, Rose Hill, Kansas, Valley Center, Kansas, Haysville, Kansas for 16 years.

The 3 Levels of Chimney Inspections That You Need To Know

The Chimney Safety Institute of America or (CSIA) has provided three levels of chimney inspection that are applicable for different circumstances.

Level 1

It is the fundamental visual inspection recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It is done when your system has not been modified and there’s no new appliance connected directly to the chimney. Our team at Wichita Chiney Company will check all the readily accessible areas of your chimney interior as well as exterior. 

We will thoroughly inspect your chimney to spot cracks, obstructions, and other potential problems that may arise. Depending on the condition of your chimney, our technicians may recommend a thorough chimney cleaning or sweeping to eliminate piled-up creosote, other obstructions. These are common issues that highly concerns wood-burning fireboxes.

Level 2

The Level 2 chimney inspection comprises all the tasks that are included on Level 1 inspections using photo scanning technology to closely inspect the interior of the chimney. On top of it, Level 2 inspections include assessment of the basement, attic, crawl space as well as adjacent areas. 

The Level 2 inspections are done during the following events:

  • Every time a home is being sold on the market.
  • When a new appliance has been installed and directly attached to the existing chimney. For instance, a gas insert is added to the masonry fireplace or every time other modifications have taken place like the installation of a new chimney liner.

  • Every time a malfunction or damage occurs like a lightning strike, chimney fire, strong winds, or other catastrophic weather events.

Level 3

The Level 3 inspection performed during a previous inspection showed obvious signs of significant damage to your entire chimney system. Level 3 chimney inspections often include the removal of some parts of the flue structure and nearby ceiling or wall materials of your home. It can help our technicians to perform an accurate assessment of the potential chimney issues and make recommendations to correct the repair work.

6 Signs You Need a Chimney Inspection

Every fire-safety agency in the USA strongly recommends professional chimney inspections and cleanings, most especially for homes that have wood-burning fireplaces annually. Perhaps, you can request a professional chimney inspection with the specialists at Wichita Chimney Company if you’ve recently moved into your new home that has a fireplace but you are blank about its history.

Additionally, you may call our experts if you start to see the following six signs in your chimney and fireplace:

  • If you begin to notice water on the floor of the firebox. Water is getting right into the system, either through a leaky chimney cap or a faulty chimney’s masonry. If allowed into the chimney structure, the water can seep and might cause erosion that leads to significant damage over time.
  • If you begin smelling weird scents coming from your fireplace. It is most likely that you have excess soot build-up of creosote and in the flue. These weird odors commonly happen every time the weather is humid or hot.

Take Note: creosote is highly combustible and must be cleaned regularly.

  • If you notice smoke accumulating and backing up into the house. Oftentimes, these drafting issues are common because of obstructions in the chimney. They can be the root cause of soot or creosote buildup and even foreign debris like small-animal nests, twigs, leaves, and the animals themselves who were trapped and died inside the flue. 

Smoke that keeps coming back into your home has carbon monoxide. This is a kind of toxin that is odorless, invisible, and potentially dangerous especially to animals and humans.

  • Crumbling or cracking of the exterior masonry of the chimney. If you start to notice this kind of damage, it will progress into something serious and affect the integrity and structure of your chimney. When water begins to seep right into cracks, or holes it freezes, expands, and deteriorates faster than the masonry works. 

The interior of your flue can make water decompose the masonry materials including the bricks. It creates a gap for the intense heat of your fires to have contact with the internal areas of your home that are exposed.

  • If you hear clicking or rattling noises coming from the firebox. These sounds might be coming to your chimney fire, and it needs to be acted as soon as possible. You may douse the fire in the firebox and call 911 immediately.

Take Note: It’s normal for small chimney fires to go out on their own. However, if you deem to see that you can’t handle the situation, call 911 right away.

Right after the fire is gone, your chimney needs a professional inspection to identify the extent of any damages brought by the fire.

  • If you notice chimney discoloration. The colors like red, white, black, green, blue stains on the exterior of your chimney indicate numerous problems, some minor while others are more than minor. The possible root causes of stains are rust, mold, water evaporation, soot as well as creosote.

These are the common telltale signs that show you need an immediate chimney inspection performed by a certified, qualified chimney company. At Wichita Chimney Company, our professional technicians have the right tools, equipment, and extensive years of experience in the industry. Our specialist can inspect any trouble that is happening within a chimney and promptly initiate necessary cleaning, repairs as well as component replacements.

A Professional Chimney Inspection Is A Lifetime Investment

It may be easy to say that your chimney appears in great condition just from its exterior, but the interior could be hiding necessary repairs. It all boils down to how well you know when these repairs are needed?

Wichita Chimney Company performs thorough and detailed chimney inspections that will give you peace of mind. We invest in cutting-edge chimney inspection tools like camera scans of the chimney, whenever possible. Our technicians will inspect your chimney and evaluate if it’s functioning properly or needs necessary repairs before you can burn safely. 

We listed below some of the few reasons why it’s essential to schedule a professional inspection for your chimney.

Cracks On Chimney Might Ignite A House Fire

Flue serves as a liner inside your chimney, and it transports toxic fumes, smoke, and heat throughout your house. These cracks and other forms of deterioration may develop excessive heat or might have contact with water. A drop of water might deteriorate your flue even faster, especially if your chimney is not properly covered using a spark arrestor or flue cap.

Additionally, even a tiny hole or crack in your flue can expose your home to heat and embers that may reach flammable materials, or other toxic fumes that enter your home. Our well-trained chimney inspector can check your chimney for possible damage and provide repair solutions.

Masonry Cracks Let the Outside Elements In

If your flue is made from brick materials, the necessary masonry repairs may be needed to keep it stable and sturdy. Through wear and tear, it is varying and heating weather temperatures, masonry will compromise, and cracks start to develop. A professional inspection is crucial for a detailed analysis of your masonry structure and recommends needed repairs to ensure your chimney is strong and structurally safe.

Creosote and Animal Nests Cause House Fires

Creosote builds up from burning wood that triggers a chimney fire if not removed properly. Birds or other animals may use your flue as their nesting ground and should also eliminate them before burning.

An inspection or cleaning will make sure your chimney is clean and safe for burning.

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Wichita Chimney Company knows how much you value your home, we show it through our complete chimney services. Being in the industry for almost 16 years, we know how to spot the issues on your chimney to avoid dangers and expensive repairs in the long run. We are the #1 requested chimney company in Wichita, Kansas, and neighboring cities.

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