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A home with a fireplace is a great way to enjoy cozy and extraordinary wintertime. Whether you regularly use your fireplace or heat through your chimney, you should be aware that the soot or fire you are warming accumulates and solidifies over time. Thus, it turns into damaging flammable substances in your home, and you don’t even know it.

Thankfully you have professional chimney cleaners that you can rely on. Wichita Chimney Company has established itself on providing unparalleled chimney cleaning services by using only the best equipment and highly-trained chimney specialists in the industry. For the past 16 years, we have been the highly recommended team to all our valued clients across Wichita, Kansas, Kechi, Kansas, Andover, Kansas Derby, Kansas, Rose Hill, Kansas, Valley Center, Kansas, and Haysville, Kansas.

Why Chimney Cleaning Matters?

Fireplaces and chimneys provide everyone with warmth, enjoyment, and comfort to every home. However, if you aim on burning them at their best efficiency, it is highly recommended to have regular maintenance. Having proper chimney maintenance and preventative care measures provides you with a great source of warmth for many years.

A professional chimney cleaning is one of the best preventive maintenance you can have for your chimney. Cleaning your chimney at least once a year can help it maintain its pristine condition in the long run. Oftentimes, chimneys that are not used for a long time have a higher possibility of encountering problems than those chimneys that are often used. 

What to Expect from Chimney Cleaning

The main reason for having a regular chimney cleaning is to remove all the possible blockages that may trigger safety hazards or creosote buildup. Our chimney specialists at Wichita Chimney Company invest only in top-of-the-line tools and equipment including our brushes and vacuums to clean the ash, creosote as well as soot.

It might seem to be an easy task but it is a complex task removing all creosote from the chimney. 

That’s why it is the main reason why you need to have a professional chimney cleaning. Piling up creosote is hazardous and might end up accidental chimney fire if unattended.

The Longer Lasting Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

There are a handful of valuable benefits of cleaning your chimney. Aside from the regular inspection, cleaning is essential for your chimney’s overall functionality as well as for safety concerns. It can help you to avoid major problems, prevent fire-related issues and guarantee good health for you and your loved ones.

Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits of chimney cleaning:

Keeping Your Family and Home Safe At All Times Is A Priority

Securing the safety of your family and property is always one of the most essential reasons why you should hire professional chimney cleaning services. At Wichita Chimney Company, our chimney cleaning means we protect you, your family, and your home against unnecessary fires.

Preventing Expensive Chimney Repairs

Professional chimney sweeping helps to reduce possible wear and tear on components such as debris, a speck of wood, soot, and ash. Generally speaking, it can help you save a fortune on repairing your chimney and prevent the need to replace them ahead of time. 

Preventing Carbon Monoxide or Toxic Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas, yet it can be life-threatening at high levels. The accumulation of smoke byproducts, animal nests, twigs, and other possible blockages in your chimney can compromise airflow and its functionality. If you don’t have an effective airflow, there’s a possibility of carbon monoxide being pushed back into your home instead of finding its way out through the chimney.

Our specialists at Wichita Chimney Company are trained and experts in cleaning your chimney from top to bottom. 

Enhancing The Heating Efficiency

Having a pile of creosote in your chimney can decrease the heating efficiency of your chimney. Wichita Chimney Cleaning provides complete and detailed chimney cleaning services that can help to eradicate trapped debris in your chimney to increase its optimal heating efficiency. A clean chimney makes the burning of wood in your fireplace efficient and easy.  

If you start to notice that your chimney is likely clogged and don’t have sufficient oxygen to reach the burning wood, you may call your specialists at Wichita Chimney Company. If left untreated, it will reduce the heat of the burn and increase your monthly heating bills consumption.

Making It Easier For Inspection

When you already have a team of professionals to clean your chimney, it will be easier for them to conduct thorough inspections. Our team at Wichita Chimney Company is proficient in cleaning out large piles of soot and creosote massive buildups that can hamper the inspection. These unnecessary buildups can block the smoke shelf and impede from exiting; creating chimney issues in their early stages.

Preventing Chimney Fires

A wood fire produces creosote, a substance that is concentrated, sticky, and highly combustible. A small amount of creosote can ignite a chimney fire. These little tiny fires can create significant damage to the interior of your chimney, which can be very costly chimney repair in the long term.

Meanwhile, a huge chimney fire can bring disaster and danger to your entire home. Wichita Chimney Company values safety; that is why, whether you aim to switch from burning woods or use gas logs, make sure your chimney is clean and free from dangerous creosote.

Keeping Smoke Exiting The Right Direction

Just how carbon monoxide can enter a dirty chimney and enter your home, this goes the same for smoke. You may think that you can just smell and see the smoke, but it doesn’t make it less hazardous for your family dwelling in your home. Inhaling smoke is not safe and unpleasant, especially for children or anyone who has respiratory health issues.

Smoke and ash can also damage the furnishings, clothes, or other interior parts of your home.

Our Pro Tips to Maintain A Clean Chimney

  • Choose to burn dry or seasoned wood, because green wood can produce too much smoke as well as creosote. If you wish to do a quick cleaning, we strongly recommend only choosing and using products that are designed for cleaning your chimney. Household cleaners might leave a flammable residue that may, later on, turn into a progressive fire if not attended to.

  • Make it a habit to remove all fire debris and ashes that can be found from your firebox. This will result in a fire-starter and might burn even more.

  • Never put out fires using water, not unless the situation is an emergency. Water can make the ash into a pasty mixture, which is harder to clean out afterward.

 Count As In For A Reliable Chimney Cleaning

Today, the majority of fireplace disasters that might occur to every household are preventable. Having a scheduled regular chimney cleaning coming from a professional chimney company can make all the difference. Even the National Fire Protection Agency strongly recommends that chimneys and fireplaces must be inspected annually.

Our skilled and talented chimney specialists can also spot other chimney-related problems like inefficient operation, drafting issues, crumbling bricks or mortar, and more. Determining these issues at the earliest stage is the secret to having a safe and enjoyable fireplace. We invest in our equipment which is crucial to perform regular inspections, as well as to cleaning and maintenance. 

Our chimney technicians can also inspect the chimney liner for and spot for creosote. Because creosote develops in phases, and the last phase can be tough to remove. Our chimney cleaning team is an expert in all facets of fireplaces and chimneys and has a deeper knowledge of all various kinds of vent systems.

Certified Chimney Cleaners For 16 Years!

Regular chimney cleaning is essential for the efficient and proper use of your chimney. You can turn to our certified chimney cleaners for this task. Our experts at Wichita Chimney Company also guide you on the proper use of your chimney so that you can maximize it.

However, no matter how much you take care of your chimney, it’s inevitable that it will need to have regular cleaning. However, if you allow it to stay and let it go too long, it might cause a huge danger to everyone living in your home, and into your neighborhood in the event of a serious house fire. Additionally, cleaning all sorts of toxins that have already piled up from the chimney upon its way up is essential. 

They can reduce the heating efficiency as well as inhale smoke and other dangerous toxins. You can turn to our certified chimney technicians at Wichita Chimney Company for inspection and cleaning any kind of debris found in your chimney.

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