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A chimney that has no chimney cap is similar to a house that has no roof. Your chimney serves as the exit route for all the combustion gases. But, having no chimney cap, your chimney will be exposed to all forms of unwanted elements that get inside your home.

Your chimney must be inspected by a professional to determine any signs of damage caused by the lack of a chimney cap. Thankfully, Wichita Chimney Company is the team you can count on for high-quality chimney caps services. We take pride in serving all our clients across Wichita, Kansas, Kechi, Kansas, Andover, Kansas, Derby, Kansas, Rose Hill, Kansas, Valley Center, Kansas, and Haysville, Kansas for 16 years.

A Chimney Cap Are Life-Long Investment

One of the most affordable parts of the chimney venting system is the one that can stop some of the most expensive damage repairs. Chimney caps provide different varieties that you could choose from materials, sizes, and shapes. Most of the chimney caps are made from stainless steel or copper material.

At Wichita Chimney Company, our chimney repair and installation professionals are rich in knowledge about different types of chimney caps, dampers, and guards. We invest in cutting-edge equipment, and the best product in the market to provide you with the unrivaled services that you deserve. 

Every Chimney Needs A Cap And Here’s Why

You may never think about how important a chimney cap is until you notice that your flue is not working properly. This part of the chimney is commonly taken for granted by many.

Here’s a rundown of how a chimney cap becomes beneficial to your homes:

Serve As A Rain Protection 

Water causes more severe damage compared to any other element. It can drench and soak into porous bricks and eliminate mortar. A chimney cap covers all flues that serve as protection to your entire chimney structure and save you from expensive repairs.

Prevents Moisture Buildup

Moisture is a chimney’s worst nightmare and keeping it away requires a properly working chimney cap. Therefore, it boosts the chimney structure to keep it in good shape at all times. Heavy snow, sleet, and rain flow straight into a flue that doesn’t have a proper protective chimney cap. 

Meanwhile, the interior of your home can also deteriorate and suffer from severe water damage. Due to overflowing water combined with other chimney components might cause a faster deterioration, such as rusting.

Going to the interior of the chimney, a mixture of water plus acidic creosote deposits has the most destructive effect of decaying the chimney liner. Even with the slightest damage in your chimney liner, a repair or replacement is needed. The main function of a chimney liner is that it keeps all hazardous elements comprising the chimney. 

Even the tiniest crack or a hole in a chimney liner can result in a bigger problem if left unattended:

  • A destructive home fire that may cause total home destruction.
  •   Occupants will be exposed to all the potential hazardous combustion gases.

Animal Protection

Another common problem is that wildlife such as birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons try to invade your chimney and make it their home. All of these can obstruct proper ventilation as well as potentially spread disease and create further damages. We make sure that our strong mesh and even lid will prevent them from coming into your flue.   

Oftentimes, these animals that got stuck inside your flue will end up dying which leaves a rotting or smelly odor behind. 

Spark Protection 

Your firebox can emit sparks anywhere within the environment, from the roof as well as to nearby combustible materials. These haphazard sparks will stop through our well-secured meshing cover that is a part of all of our chimney caps installation.

Prevent Drafts From Going Inside Your Home

Imagine that you are enjoying a cozy winter drinking your tea, burning, and sooting in your firebox while binge-watching your favorite show. Suddenly a strong wind blows and drafts keep on coming inside your chimney. This is one of the most annoying experiences every chimney owner encounters while they’re using their fireplace. 

Aside from making your fire inefficient, it also creates a health hazard due to smoke that cannot exit your home. Therefore, a chimney cap is essential to help you eliminate your draft problem and block persistent drafts from entering in the first place. 

Our team at Wichita Chimney Company specializes in installing chimney caps so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to deal with drafts during windy days.

Contain Embers 

If you have a chimney at home you know that when you burn a fire in your firebox, there are also embers that spew all through your flue. These particles coming from the fire can potentially end up in contact with light materials like wood-ceiling or even power lines nearby. While it’s uncommon for these embers to ignite fires, the possibility is still there and it can happen from time to time.

One of the best ways to ensure that this will not happen is by installing a chimney cap. A cap will catch all flying embers and prevent them from reaching on the roof or anything harmful else nearby.

Prevent Debris Build-Up

Another very common chimney issue is when all sorts of debris are trapped and built up in your chimney. Another thing that will happen if you have a chimney cap is that it will contain any possible debris accumulation such as big branches, twigs, or leaves. It is imperative to ensure that your chimney’s interior is always as clean as possible.

The simple solution is getting a chimney cap from our pros at Wichita Chiney Company. So that you can enjoy your fireplace with no worries. If not, this debris might damage other parts of your chimney if they get stuck for a longer time unattended. 

Chimney Caps Installation

Here at Wichita Chimney Company, we specialize in providing professional cap installation. Having solid years in the business-backed with our in-depth experience, and knowledge in the trade made us the preferred choice for chimney cap installations and repairs services. Chimney caps play a vital role in the overall performance of a chimney from water damage, fires, up to blockage.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure a proper installation to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are safe and will last longer. Regardless if you need a full installation or total replacement chimney cap, call the chimney pros at Wichita Chimney Company. Our certified and qualified technicians will recommend the best cap that will suit your chimney and ensure proper mounting and installation to your flue.

We provide full-service chimney cap solutions catering repair of an existing chimney cap. Our team also provides overall chimney cleaning as well as detailed and complete inspection services. Our pros are also trained on how to humanely remove any animals like birds, bees, and other living animals trapped inside your chimney.

We aim to provide comprehensive chimney services, and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed to all our clients.

Chimney Caps Repairs

Wichita Chimney Company makes sure that faulty chimney caps will prevent water from running down into your chimney causing costly chimney repairs. Our qualified technicians are dedicated to removing all your chimney worries fast! If your chimney cap was designed poorly, has cracked, or not been properly installed, we are the team you can count on. 

Even the most minor cracks or holes can expand and progress quickly and might end up with additional dollars in repairs. Allow our team to come in and inspect and examine the situation before it continues to grow and allow water to seep into your chimney. Don’t take chimney repairs behind, rather allow our professional technicians to repair any crack or potential issues to ensure water stays out and cracks will stop growing.

We specialize in chimney cap repair; we only use high-quality products to ensure we protect repairs and weak spots to avoid future damage. 

Experience The Difference With Our Chimney Services

At Wichita Chimney Cleaning, we not only take the time to guarantee that your firebox is not just properly cleaned and repaired. We also go the extra mile in safeguarding your home during the entire process until it is fully done. Our pros are trained in any kind of situation and we take every precaution seriously to contain fireplace debris. 

From covering the surrounding areas, including the furnishings and floorings up to the disposal of ash, soot, and all other waste materials retrieved from your firebox. The only thing that is left behind after our service is a safe, properly functioning, clean and stunning fireplace that you’ll enjoy with the rest of your loved ones.

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