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    A newly installed chimney may seem like a daunting project. If it is not properly done you will begin to notice many problems that will need to be addressed immediately. Your chimney will deteriorate faster than its normal wear and tear due to moisture and another debris buildup. 

    However, with the premium services from Wichita Chimney Company, we make the chimney installation and repair project for your home a seamless process. Our experienced staff of chimney experts will give you a safe and comfortable place while being safe always. We are the best-recommended chimney company catering to all sorts of properties across Wichita, Kansas for many years.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Being in the industry for 16 years, we became the trusted source for professionals and a wide range of chimney works. We strive harder to keep our high standards in every word that we do. Our chimney installation services are all compliant with both local and state regulations. 

    We stand firm with every work that we do, and we ensure to only provide premium quality chimney services with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. 

    Proper Chimney Installation Saves You Big

    Our chimney installation enhances the heating efficiency of your property. Therefore, it will help you a significant amount of dollars in your heating and energy consumption annually. For instance, an energy cost-saving way is through a new chimney liner installation that can enhance the efficiency of your entire heating system.

    Also, having the correct size of the chimney to suit the entire system that it serves. It can lessen your fuel consumption and promotes a consistent function of your home’s entire heating unit. Additionally, a new chimney liner installation helps you save money by enhancing the total amount of usable heat that is used by each BTU of every fuel consumption.

    Meaning more heat is used in heating the home instead of exiting in the chimney.  

    Chimney Repair That You Can Count On

    Wichita Chimney Company is a full-service, licensed and insured chimney company. We have successfully repaired thousands of chimneys from simple up to the most complex design. If you are starting to experience any problems with your firebox then there are possibilities of severe hazards like carbon monoxide gas leaks or chimney fires.

    For the safety of your family and your property, our team at Wichita Chimney Company highly recommends scheduling a professional inspection without pros. Our detailed inspection and evaluation will immediately recommend necessary repairs needed before your next use.

    Our skilled technicians can easily spot the problem and repair potential hazards before they progress into severe harm and costly damages. 

    We repair all kinds of wood stoves and fireplaces including:

    • Electric Fireplace

    • Masonry Fireplace

    • Prefabricated Fireplace (prefab fireplace)

    • Gas Fireplace

    • Brick Fireplace

    • Stone Fireplace

    We also specialize in providing a wide range of maintenance services and repairing all common fireplace problems!

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