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    Over time your fireplace and chimney can become damaged and worn due to moisture, harmful elements, and aging condition. That’s why having regular chimney maintenance is highly recommended to prevent costly repairs down the line. Sometimes, it’s hard to spot chimney damage no matter how hard you look at it closely.

    If the condition of your chimney is always disregarded, expect severe repairs may show later on. For this kind of situation, Wichita Chimney Company is the team you can depend on. Being in the business for 16 years, our unparalleled chimney repair services is high-recommended to all our clients in Valley Center, Kansas, and beyond!

    Our chimney engineers are knowledgeable in repairing chimney tops, replacing chimney caps, and so much more!

    Specialized Chimney Repair Solutions

    We have a team that is experts in tuckpointing (repairing mortar between bricks) and brickwork repairing services. Our company has handled a wide range of chimney and fireplace repairs and installation under our belt. Our customers have always been our top priority, and we aim to provide 100% satisfaction with every work we do.

    Oftentimes, the damage of a chimney becomes so severe that a simple tuckpointing is not enough. Having that said, a major chimney repair or fireplace renovation is essential to prevent further damages. Due to the harmful impact of direct exposure to all aspects of wear and tear, especially freeze-thaw cycles and moisture, the mortar compromises. 

    The mortar serves as an adhesive, and as it continues to weaken, it will allow water to seep. As a result, the brickwork becomes penetrable and becomes soaked. It can compromise the brick faster, which leads to safety concerns to the structure of the chimney and the entire home.

    Certified Chimney Company

    Aside from chimney repairs, we pride ourselves in providing a one-stop-shop chimney service that suits your unique needs.

    Being a full-service chimney company, our certified technicians can take care of your chimney issue, from cleaning, inspection, installation, and renovation. Our all-inclusive services mean you only need to call us to handle all your chimney-related problems.

    We Stand Firm Behind Our Chimney Works

    Every job is essential that is why we only use the best product and innovative tools and equipment to ensure we deliver the job right. Our works are backed with professionalism, years of experience, and our good reputation in the chimney business. Your safety matters to us; that is why we always recommend prompt solutions to address any potential hazards found in your chimney or firebox.

    Count As In For Expert Chimney Repairs

    Spotting down the leak and hidden damages can be tricky, and that’s where our 16 years of experience leverages us over other companies. Your chimney or firebox becomes a fire hazard if it is always unattended. Our certified chimney specialists have an in-depth background and broad knowledge to help hunt your elusive leak and possible risk associated with your chimney. 

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