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    A common problem that is usually faced by homeowners that have older homes is damage to the chimney. Common problems include damage to the chimney lining, faulty brick, and mortar in the exterior of the chimney areas, or worn chimney caps. Meanwhile, contemporary and newer homes follow materials, and modern codes make them less likely to have frequent chimney repair issues. 

    Here, at Wichita Chimney Company, we have the most knowledgeable and highly trained chimney technicians in the industry today. We became the go-to chimney services in providing unbeatable chimney solutions making your property safe while you burn. Our team takes pride in catering to all the chimney and fireplace needs of our customers throughout Haysville, Kansas for 16 years.

    We invest in the latest innovation and equipment to ensure we only provide you with the highest quality care possible. As the industry keeps on evolving, our chimney engineers are also updated with the latest trends, training, and education needed about the chimney industry. This includes information about types of chimneys/appliances, inspection technology, advanced codes, cleaning techniques, principles of the draft, and so much more.

    Things You Need To Know About Chimney Cleaning

    • A chimney cleaning at least once a year is imperative to spot potential fire hazards or costly repairs.

    • When you buy a pre-built home property. 

    • When you start noticing visible soot anywhere in your residential space.

    • You must also clean your chimney before each burning season or winter season.

    • Have a professionally cleaned chimney before installing a new fuel-burning appliance (water heater, furnace, etc.).

    • Make sure that the chimney is spotless before purchasing it.

    • Call chimney pros right after a chimney or house fire, the chimney has experienced severe impact (hit by a falling tree) and been struck by lightning.

    • If you start seeing stains coming from the vicinity of the chimney or the interior or exterior of your home.

    Certified Chimney Specialists

    Before, it was not a common practice for a chimney company to use a scanner to inspect your flue. However, thanks to innovation, technology keeps on moving forward in all industries in all ways. Our team at Wichita Chimney Company can now scan every chimney we clean, inspect or repair. 

    With us, we guarantee to locate any hidden damages or defects that we didn’t know were existing there for many ages.

    Our Seamless Process For Safe and Professional Services

    Wichita Chimney Company provides safe and professional comprehensive chimney solutions to all our customers. We are not just concerned about your chimney, instead, we value the care and safety of loved ones dwelling in your home. To give you peace of mind that we protect your space against any damage, we use drop cloths to cover all surface areas in the vicinity of the fireplace.

    Our chimney technicians clean the entire system from the fireplace up to the following:

    • Brick and mortar
    • Check caps

    • Chimney Flue

    • Crown

    • Firebox

    • Flashing

    • Damper Assembly

    • Rooftop inspection:

    • Smoke Chamber

    • Smoke Shelf

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