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Whether you want to clean your existing gas-burning fireplace or wood or gas firebox, you have a team that could help you. Wichita Chimney Company is your one-stop resource for a wide array of chimney services in Wichita, Kansas, Kechi, Kansas, Andover, Kansas, Derby, Kansas, Rose Hill, Kansas, Valley Center, Kansas, and Haysville, Kansas for 16 years!

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    Wichita Chimney Company Proudly Serves the Following Services

    Specialized Chimney Services

    Wichita Chimney Company invests in state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained chimney engineers to ensure thorough cleaning of your chimney. Our chimney inspection services include first and second-story chimneys following the two levels of inspection. Just like the National Fire Protection Association, we also strongly encourage every homeowner to do an annual chimney inspection.

    Our professional chimney cleaning service is a total package deal. From cleaning the inside of the chimney and fireplace using professional brushes and a high-end furnace vacuum We protect your home and our work area using specialized plastic sheets to give 100% cleanliness without leaving a mess.

    Over time, severe weather conditions and harsh elements can compromise the overall structure of the chimney. Wichita Chimney Company specialists have handled almost all types of potential chimney repairs including masonry, bricks, damage to the cap, firebox, and more. We are properly equipped and geared with advanced tools and equipment to make the repair process professionally and promptly.

    A faulty cap is an open invitation to animals like rodents and moisture to enter your house, leading to further and costly damage. Wichita Chimney Company provides cost-efficient and professional fireplace chimney cap installation and repair services by experienced professionals.

    Every time you enjoy a fire in your fireplace, your chimney strives harder to keep up the warmth and byproducts of combustion. Additionally, it helps to quickly eliminate these byproducts from your residential space. Over time, your chimney liner may decay or develop holes or damages.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Homeowners must have the basic knowledge to make the wisest decisions about their chimneys and their homes. To help you understand the chimney sweep process, Wichita Chimney Company answered some of our most frequently asked questions.

    It is highly recommended that a fireplace should be cleaned after one cord of wood has been burned from the last time that the fireplace was cleaned. In line with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Code 211 annual inspection is essential.

    Creosote is a tar-like deposit that is highly combustible and adheres to the sides of your flue. They create combustion gases coming from your wood-burning fireplace, then travel way up the chimney and cool down. If it continues to accumulate without regular inspections and cleaning, your chimney becomes a fire hazard.

    The duration of a chimney cleaning varies on the level of inspection you requested for your chimney. Generally, based on our experience, most of our chimney cleaning takes about approximately 60 minutes and beyond.

    Not at all when you hire Wichita Chimney Company; our team guarantees a mess-free job. We deeply understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we will treat your property as if it’s our own with the utmost respect at all times.

    Regular inspection is imperative to prevent potential gas leak disasters and costly repair damages. Your gas log leaves significant amounts of carbon to your fireplace and chimney that can trigger chimney fires if unattended.

    Smoke problems usually happen for a variety of reasons. For instance, the fireplace comes with a poor draw that makes smoke stray to other parts of the home through holes or damages in the liner. Another case is when the wind blows down the flue.

    It is not normal to have water stains or leaks near the fireplace. If you notice water stains or leaks, call Wichita Chimney Company to help you prevent future leaks and further damages.

    Several scenarios result in an awful smell in your house including a dead animal trapped inside the chimney. However, proper chimney cleaning will help to reduce this. Additionally, using chimney deodorants will help to freshen things up

    Look closely at the masonry chimney walls. If you spot crumbling bricks, uneven parts of mortar, cracks or holes, voids, and gaps between the bricks, then it’s time to call the pros at Wichita Chimney Company for urgent repairs.

    The whitish discoloration found on the exterior of your chimney is called efflorescence. The cause of the efflorescence is the escape of gases through gaps through the chimney liner. Wichita Chimney Company will make appropriate recommendations about chimney relining and chimney repairing if necessary.

    Customers Review

    Our experts have fixed thousands of chimney liners from the past 16 years under our belt.

    Here’s what our satisfied customers say about our services:

    “My chimney cap came off during the strong storm. I called them the next day and H and the team at Wichita Chimney Company were amazing. They brought their equipment and inspected, cleaned, and fixed the cap right away!
    "I will be using the Wichita Chimney Company again. They came in their company uniform, were prompt, respectful, and finished a great job!
    "I messed up with my DIY chimney repair and called the Wichita Chimney Company right away. I love their top-of-the-line equipment, products, and their friendly customer service. Each employee showcased expert services, making it easy to fix my mess.”

    Our Mission

    We treat every chimney project we do as if it were our own. We are very accommodating; that is why we schedule appointments that will fit your busy schedule. With Wichita Chimney Company, you can have peace of mind in knowing that protecting your home and your family is our top priority.

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